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  1. “Palo Alto Building Company is excellent at understanding customer needs, starting and finishing work on time, and maintaining tight control over the project budget.  Their attention to detail and customer satisfaction are unsurpassed.”  

  2. Dick Luthy, Palo Alto

  3. “They are the nicest people to work with.”

  4. Mary Sullivan

  5. We are both professionals with demanding jobs.  We couldn’t afford to deal with lateness, cost overruns, less than perfect work, and having to stay at home while work is being done.  A very close friend recommended Chris Loops.  Chris is exactly what we wanted in a general contractor.  We like him so much that he has done over 6 jobs renovating/updating our home. Over time, we didn’t even bother to get other competitive bids.  Going with someone you trust, who guarantees quality and who always completes on time is a no-brainer.”  

  1. Call or email for a consultation.

“He starts and ends

ON TIME.  Amazing.”

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  1. “I tend to get to know my clients pretty well by

  2. the end of a project.  I works out well because there’s nothing

  3. better than ‘word of mouth’ recommendations.”            

  1. “He has a strong design sense - for all the jobs he did

  2. for us, we never felt the need to hire a designer or an architect.”

  1. “He’s honest and has great communication.  He will tell you the good and potential issues with a job.

  2. He makes sure that your expectations are set correctly.  In all the years he worked for us, we never had any

  3. miscommunication.”

  1. “Chris’ bids are exactly what you pay. 

  2. No hidden, unexpected cost. 

  3. His prices are fair and competitive.”

  1. “He’s an excellent general contractor, very hands-on.  His sub-contractors are experts and he checks their work!  You can tell he’s a tough taskmaster and scheduler.  There is clear mutual respect between him and his sub-contractors.  He schedules the work superbly; there was no down time in the work between the subcontractors and they were not interfering with each other.  In addition, for our kitchen renovation, he even dealt with the appliance store on all aspects of the order, making sure the order arrived on time.  He knows all the local shops so he guided us on where to go to to look at tile, textures, etc..”